24 Hour Algorithmic Trade RoomComputerized-decision making Trade Room providing real time algorithmic analytics for Forex traders

High frequency institutional traders (HFTs) analyze foreign exchange market conditions and execute trades with blazing speeds. Forex retail traders must compete. But how can they? Forex indicators, (MACD, moving averages, Stochastics, etc.) manually require time to analyze...time high frequency algorithms take away from retail traders.

High Speed Algorithms

AlgorithmicForexSignals 24 hour algorithmic (computerized decision making) Trade Room provides high speed analytics to Forex retail traders, just as the institutional HFT's.

There are lots of trade rooms available for traders, overseen by moderators using their charts, manually looking for buy / sell setups. Retail traders believe if they can look over the moderator's "virtual shoulder", watch his trades and charts, their trades will be successful.

Unfortunately, this may not be the case. Trade rooms are limited by their moderators, and can only as good as their moderators multi-task: watching for buy/sell setups, manually flipping from currency pair to currency pair, all the while answering participants questions. Many great opportunities are overlooked because the moderator was busy answering some particpant's question.

Real Time CFD and Forex Signals

AlgorithmicForexSignals' 24-hour trading room does not overlook setups. It does not manually flip from chart to chart. It is driven entirely by computerized decisions. Signals found are real time, the same signals traders analyze manually with Forex technical charts and analytics. Computerized decisions analyze the same technical charts but at blazing speeds...speeds traders only imagine. And computerized decisions are not just limited to a small handful of open charts.


With computerized FX trading, dozens of Forex indicators (MACD, moving averages, Stochastics, etc.) on your charts becomes superfluous. Nor is there any need to flipp back and forth between Forex charts manually, watching for buy / sell opportunities. Our 24 Hour Trade room does the analysis for you...in a simplified manner, by numbers.

Forex Charts with Sequential Numbers Alerting Entries and Exits

AlgorithmicForexSignals Trade room Forex charts identify trends using Sequential Numbers. The \trend start is a 1 or 2. The end of the trend a 7 or 8. Our Radar Scanner spreadsheet offers both leading and lagging signals. When a trend may soon reverse, a leading indicator gives ample time to open a new position. Our Radar even notifies when an open position should be closed.

log into our computerized traderoom, no matter where you live in the world, no matter what time of day it is. The trade room hours of operation are whenever you need them to be. The trade room is on the job, constantly signalling real time opportunities.

Our 24 Hour Trade Room Functions:

  • Forex Charts with Sequence Numbers displaying the start / end of trends
  • Real time scanner (Radar) offering buy and sell CFD and Forex signals
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Note: AlgorithmicForexSignals 24 Hour Trade Room runs over the internet, on our Secured Servers. This is NOT downloadable software. Our Servers analyze real time Forex data and display Forex charts / radar search results. Access is 24 hours per day. The only requirement: Internet connection and laptop, cell phone, or tablet.